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Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind. Crably is a masterclass piece of work presented to you.
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Sharp & Intuitive.

Fully featured ready for any content.

The extremely organized admin area allows you to organize and manage content the way you want. Setup your custom domain and custom email address. Have control over your content exposure, SEO and much more.

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Build custom Content Types

Create a content srtucture to meet your needs.

You can create any type of custom Content, like products, events or aliens, anything is possible.
You can also add new fields to existing Content Types.
Need a background image for each post, or a secont price for a product, no problem.

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Fully featured theme editor

Let the creativity flow

Create any layout or template design using the powerfull liquid templating language. Integrate a responsive theme, re-use code, create shortcodes and much more.

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Dynamic Permissions

Specify who has access to what.

A User Group permission based control allows you to specify what members of a user group can do and see on the system.
Create new User Groups and manage and specify the permissions.

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Custom redirects keep your links indexed

Move to Crably without loosing your google page ranks. With custom redirects you can switch effortlessly, redirect all your old links into the new ones.

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Fully documented

Documentation that grows with the platform.

Want to design your own theme, or extend the current one, no problem Crably as a great documention that allows you to find out just about anything.

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Features Overview

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off

Your own content types

Create any type of content, from posts to products and unicorns. Crably allows you to create any type of content you want.

Multiple custom fields

Without any database knowledge and only with some mouse clicks you can create any kind of field like text, image, files, WYSIWYG, date, color and much more.

User group Permissions

Control who can see, create, edit and delete content, define who has access to what and get a fully controled and fully secured website.

SEO ready

Build search engine friendly sites, just by clicking and filling some fields. Crably does the rest for you (meta tags, friendly URL´s, no follows, xml sitemaps & much more).

Theme editor

Focus only on the design! Edit theme and template files using the Liquid Templating Language, Javascript, HTML, CSS and more keeping the source code reusable and DRY.

Menu manager

Easy and simple way to add, edit, sort and delete the menus without coding.

Media explorer

Organize your pictures, videos, audio and documents files and folders using a very intuitive interface.


Forms can be added to your template to be able to receive content subission or a contact from a visitor.

Custom redirects

New links and don't want to loose your google rank, no problem. Create a 302 or 301 redirects instantly.